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          Annual training summary of Greenfresh Group Let's relive 2019

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          2019 passed quietly
          In the training time of the group
          Every meeting
          Have a good memory

          Looking back on 2019, the Group organized a total of 8 professional trainings, of which management and leadership training accounted for 37.5%, business needs training accounted for 37.5%, safety training accounted for 12.5%, and new employee induction training accounted for 12.5%; a total of 1337.5 hours of training, participating 454 people were trained.

          In order to make the internal training of the group more professional and diversified, in 2019, we launched the internal trainer (TTT) training project, with Chen Yi, the director of the management center, as the trainer to help our internal trainer team in training skills and skills. Change more and change more; and design a series of internal training courses, including the top ten skills of trainers, trainer responsibilities and roles, training skills and methods, practical drill guidance and trial lectures, etc. 

          Through TTT training, internal trainers learned:
          • Recognize the role that the internal trainer should play, and make mental preparations to become an internal trainer;

          • Discover the bad habits of your personal training skills and expression skills through drills;

          • Master how to organize course content and write courseware.

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