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          Summary of Greenfresh Thatched Cottage Training in November 2019

          Release date:2020-02-22 14:58Viewed:
          Number of trainees: 145
          Training hours: 784.5
          Overall training evaluation: 4.52
          In November 2019, Greenfresh Group held a total of 3 classroom trainings and certified 2 Greenfresh Group internal trainers.
          In November 2019, a total of 145 participants participated in the training and participated in classroom interaction.
          Certified internal trainer:
          In November 2019, two TTT students passed the training of "SMART Principle: How to Set Work Goals Better" and "Green New Individual Knowledge", and were certified as internal trainers of Green New Group.
          Training site:
          Create excellent execution training
          SMART principles-how to better set training for work goals
          Green New Individual Knowledge Training
          Our training work is more exciting because of your participation!

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