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          2019 European Food Ingredients Exhibition FIE

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          一、Exhibition situation
               On December 3-5, the European Food Ingredients Exhibition FIE (Food Ingredients Europe 2019) was held in Paris, France as scheduled. Greenfresh Group's participation in Paris aims to further expand the European food ingredients market and promote the sales of carrageenan, agar, konjac and other related products in the European market. This exhibition attracted nearly 1,700 exhibitors, more than 30,000 visitors gathered at the Paris North Villeurbanne Exhibition Center, and more than 300 Chinese companies participated in the exhibition, including nearly 70 Chinese companies specially equipped in the international exhibition area. Attach importance to the ever-increasing requirements for exhibiting,
          二、Booth No. of Greenfresh Group: 6G77
          三、Sample display
          soft candies  detailed  model  taste
          Cola soft candies  RQ015-2 Cola Flavor
          Blackcurrant soft candies  RQ048,RQ015 RQ048, RQ015 blackcurrant
          Agar soft candies  RC038 Passion Fruit
          Agar soft candies RC0603 Passion Fruit
          Tangerine soft candies 
          RQ015-2 Orange Flavor
          Bionic Mango soft candies  RS025-1 Mango flavor
          果凍 Jelly melts in the mouth (orange flavor) GT113-2  orange flavor
          四、Exhibition pictures


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