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          2018 Beijing Meat Industry Exhibition

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          一、 Exhibition name and scale
          On September 20, 2018, the 16th China International Meat Industry Exhibition opened in Beijing. The exhibition is co-hosted by the China Meat Association and the World Meat Organization, and nearly 1,000 companies from more than 30 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. The exhibition showcased new products, new technologies and new achievements in the fields of meat production, packaging materials, food ingredients, etc., and held a series of exhibitions, international exchanges, trade docking and other activities. China International Meat Industry Exhibition (CIMIE) is the largest domestic trade fair with the highest specifications, the highest professional strength and the largest turnover in Asia organized by the China Meat Association and the World Meat Organization. So far, meat industry companies from more than 40 countries and regions have participated in the exhibition. Nearly 300,000 visitors, buyers and distributors visited the exhibition. With the help of the CIMIE platform, global meat enterprises and colleagues have promoted the continuous development and technological innovation of the meat industry in the meat products, and have continuously injected new vitality into the development and growth of the enterprise, brand enhancement, and trade expansion.
          二、 Greenfresh Group booth number: C3014, 12㎡
          三、Show sample details
          Meat Products  Shrimp Balls 〈1kg HB304
          Fish Sausage  〈1kg FH-G01S
          Instant Fish Balls 〈1kg HG302
          Core-filled fish balls 〈1kg HB309
          Processed pork chops  〈1kg HG310
          Pork Balls  〈1kg HW305
          Vegetarian abalone 〈1kg to be determined
          Vegetable cake  〈1kg HW304
          四、Exhibition pictures


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