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          Environmental protection acceptance of the completion of the second plant of Greenfresh (Fujian) Foodstuff Co., Ltd.

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          On December 6, 2017,Greenfresh (Fujian) Foodstuff Co., Ltd.  organized and held the "expansion project of 3500 tons of semi-refined carrageenan, 1500 tons of refined carrageenan and 1470 tons of agar production line in the factory of Greenfresh (Fujian) Food Co., Ltd. "The on-site meeting of environmental protection acceptance was completed. Ningxia Zhicheng Anhuan Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Environmental Assessment Unit), Guangzhou Yibo Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (wastewater design unit), and Quanzhou Hengxing Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. ( Waste gas design unit), Fujian Tengyong Construction Development Co., Ltd. (construction unit), Zhangzhou Lianhuan Environmental Testing Co., Ltd. (acceptance monitoring unit), and 3 specially invited experts, a total of 15 people, the meeting established the project completed environmental protection Acceptance team. Participants and experts inspected the construction and operation of the project on site, listened to the construction side’s report on the implementation of the project’s environmental protection, and the acceptance monitoring unit introduced the completion acceptance monitoring report. After on-site inspection, review of relevant materials and serious discussions, the acceptance team It is believed that the project has implemented the "three simultaneous" system, and no pollution of the environment has occurred during the construction period and trial production period. The pollution prevention facilities and environmental protection system supporting the project have basically been implemented, which basically meets the environmental protection acceptance conditions. In principle, it has passed the completion of environmental protection acceptance. At present, the acceptance report has been prepared, and now the new environmental protection facility acceptance inspection report and its annexes for the completion of Greenfresh (Fujian) Foodstuff Co., Ltd. 's "expansion project of 3500 tons of semi-refined carrageenan, 1500 tons of refined carrageenan and 1470 tons of agar production line" , Expert review opinions will be published (the main content of the public announcement see the attachment).



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