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          Chuang Lianjun interviewed Warren Cho, the marketing director of greenfresh Group, and Mr. Warren talked about the hydrocolloid market

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          On August 16, 2017, Chuanglianjun came to Greenfresh Group Marketing Center to interview Warren Cho, Marketing Director. Warren talked about the hydrocolloid market, and Chuanglianjun benefited greatly!

          Q1: Greenfresh Group is a benchmark enterprise in hydrocolloid industry. Could you introduce us to Greenfresh Group?
          Warrencho: Greenfresh is a comprehensive enterprise in the research, development and production of hydrocolloids, specializing in the production of food colloids, including carrageenan, agar, konjac gum and their compound products. It is the world's largest agar producer with an annual output of 4,000 tons. Greenfresh is a professional hydrocolloid manufacturer and a professional solution provider.


          Warren Cho, the marketing director of greenfresh Group

          Q2: Consumers have some misunderstandings about food additives. What do you think of this?

          Warren: Actually, there are illegal businesses that use non-food additives or toxic substances as food additives in foods, such as Sudan red and melamine, which caused food safety problems and caused some panic. But this is not the problem of food additives themselves. In fact, illegal additives do not belong to the category of food additives. Vitamin C and sodium glutamate (monosodium) are food additives, which indispensable in daily life and is harmless as long as it consumed reasonably. There is no problem in using food additives within the scope of national regulations, and the development of the food industry is inseparable from food additives.


          Q3: Greenfresh Group's products are well-received in the industry. Are there any new products in Greenfresh recently?

          Warren: Greenfresh launched agarose in 2016. Agarose is finely extracted from agar, which is a value-added product for agar deepening processing. Pure agarose is often used as DNA electrophoresis, chromatography or separation and analysis of small moleculars in biochemical experiments. In addition, agarose is also used in the analysis of DNA base sequencing.


          Q4: Carrageenan prices have fluctuated greatly in recent months. What do you think?

          Warren: The price of carrageenan fluctuates greatly, the main reason is that the price of raw seaweed fluctuates greatly, the growth of seaweed is easily affected by the weather and the region, and the quality fluctuates as well. The price will rise quickly when the harvest is not good. And if the quality is not good, carrageenan yield decreased, the cost will rise rapidly.


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